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Why Us & Our Process

Gareth and Valerie Proctor
Founders & Owners (Married couple that runs a business together, raises two kids, and still likes each other!)


built for longevity


green minded business

Hello and welcome! We look forward to “bringing the happy” by designing and installing an outdoor space that you can endlessly enjoy.
We are a small but dynamic green minded design and build company.  We are a family owned and run business based in Evanston, IL.  As a green minded business that cares about the environment we do the majority of our work in Evanston and very close surrounding towns.  We focus on wowing our clients with exceptional service, budget management, and sustainable practices while delivering quality workmanship. We handle every aspect of every project we work on from start to finish.  
We have over 33 consecutive years experience in Architecture, Botany, carpentry, soil sciences, masonry, electrical work, stormwater management, general contracting, and more.  Our company takes the time to keep focused on the best building, design, and installation techniques in the industry.   We use all of this knowledge and experience to design and build endlessly enjoyable outdoor spaces.     
 We are talented, experienced, passionate, and we can't wait to work with you!
​Gareth and Valerie Proctor 

Our Process for Most Installations

If your outdoor wish list has more than one new landscaping element in it, then you need a landscape design created. Two examples would be if you are seeking a new patio, planting, and outdoor lighting.  Or you are seeking a new deck and you have issues with standing water after a heavy rainstorm. We offer only the best 3D landscape designs. 

Our process is that for most of our installations a solid 3D landscape design is the right way to go. We are always happy to work with clients to just install a new patio, or just install a French drain and that’s it. In these cases, a full 3D landscape design isn’t necessary. During our Online Consultation we can easily determine if a landscape design is the right way to go for your project. We do charge for our 3D landscape designs because they take time and we cover every aspect of what you are looking for. Some companies will offer a “free design” and we wrote the rest of this page to dispel myths in the industry and explain why you should/need to pay for your design.

  • You get what you pay for: 
    We have seen many free designs from competitors and many times they are done by junior designers with lots of flaws showing the lack of experience.  Attention to all the details and designing spaces in ways our homeowners did not think of is what sets us apart.  We have a solid educational background as well as decades of experience in the field.  

  • You will pay for the design one way or another: 
    Lots of companies that give free designs simply build the cost into the installation so you will pay for the company's overhead one way or another.  We are always upfront on all of our costs and there are never surprises in our pricing. The other unfortunate way that you may pay for it is by having long term issues with a bad design.  An example of this is if the designer is not well versed in stormwater management the design could cause some major and costly issues for you in the long run.

  • Failed designs cost you more money in the long run:  
    We have had to correct issues with failed plantings, poor construction, designs that have caused flooding into one's home, and a wide variety of other problems.  So the homeowner in an effort to reduce their cost on what they want to enhance their lives has cost them more money by having to redo the work in the long run.  Endless is the first part of our company's name because good design and solid construction techniques ensure the longevity of the installation of a good design.  

  • Professionals in our own field like to use us for their homes:
    We have done plenty of work for landscape architects, architects, designers, and landscape installers.  Why?  They know quality and have seen our ability to plan, organize, and execute excellent designs.

  • A good design process lets you get to know the company that you are working with:  
    Our process takes the time to talk about the best construction techniques, cost effective materials, and the whys of what is in your full design.  We give all the details so if you really wanted to price out our design to the competition then you are more than welcome to.  After we go through the process with you we know that you will be very happy and confident on why you chose Endless Greens for your 3D landscape design.  

Our Services
  • 3D Landscape Design
  • Landscape Installation
  • Patio Design and Installation (Stone, Paver, and permeable options)
  • Walkway Design and Installation (Concrete and Paver)
  • Deck Design and Installation (Wood and Composite)
  • Water Management (French Drains, Rain Gardens, pump systems)
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Systems
  • Woodworking (Pergolas, Trellises, Benches)
  • Raised Garden Beds and Planters 
  • Garden Fences
  • Vertical Growing Systems (Trellises and Vertical System Kits)
  • Custom Privacy Fences (Cedar and Pressure Treated Pine)
  • Fire Pits
  • Green Houses and Hoop Houses
  • Permeable Driveways
  • Native and Edible Landscapes
Locations we Service
 Evanston, Chicago (North side), Wilmette, Skokie​​​, Glenview,  Winnetka, Golf, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, and Niles
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