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Drip Irrigation

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Whether you want to be green and reduce water use, want to have the healthiest plants possible, or you want to save money on watering, Drip irrigation is the solution. We are experts in Drip Irrigation and have installed many systems over the years. We have installed drip irrigation systems on established plantings and in vegetable/fruit gardens.  We do insist that this is a crucial part of every new planting that we design and install. Each and every client that has a drip irrigation system raves about the ease of use. They have seen their plantings thrive and look beautiful and lush. We offer a maintenance program where we handle the Fall take down and Spring start up of your system. This ensures that your system runs well all season long. Your plants will thank you!

Prevents overwatering - by giving a precise amount of water directly to the roots of the plants. 

Less weeding - since you are only watering the plant's roots that you want.

Saves money and conserves water - by using  60% to 80% less water 

Prevents disease - by minimizing water contact with the leaves, stems, and fruit of plants.

Saves time - stop hand watering and moving sprinklers around and just set a timer.

Way better than soaker hoses - soaker hoses are not precise, are short lived, get clogged, and water areas that increase the weeds you need to pull.

Everything is on a timer - so that it will water when you have to (or want to) travel.  Your neighbors have good intentions but don’t have good watering skills.  This also reduces evaporation by watering at night.

Timers are easily adjusted - for more water in the heat and less water when it is cool. You can adjust the timers around rainfalls too. 

Long lasting - drip irrigation components will last many years. Our maintenance program ensures that all components are working properly all season.

Versatile - You can use it on landscaping, planters, raised garden beds, pots, hanging planters, bird baths, wildlife watering stations, small trees, big trees, new plantings, and old established plantings too.

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