Composite/Wood Decks & Landings

Deck design & installation can be complicated - but installing a deck, landing or raised wood walkway can be a great way to create a new space to enjoy in your yard or garden! Our crew at Endless Greens are experts in creating a deck or landing custom suited for your lifestyle & budget. As you begin to think about a new deck or landing, be sure to consider the following:


  • What type of material works best for decks & landing in the Chicago area? Wood decks require maintenance and have a limited lifespan. Composite lumber is a material that is a mixture of wood fiber, plastic, and a binding agent. These ingredients are put together to form a material that is denser, stronger, and heavier than wood alone.

  • We specialize in Trex and TimberTech composite  decking products and are experts in designing and installation.  

  • Many decks in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs require architectural drawings and an approved permit from the municipality. Our experience in navigating the permit & planning process means less stress for you!

  • What purpose do you see your deck serving? Is it for grilling & dining? For lounging or resting? A conversation space? All of the above? Each of these would be best served by a different size & style deck! And it is better to plan in advance - then to design a deck only to find it should have been planned differently!

  • What is the budget for your new deck? We’re able to develop a plan that you feel comfortable is within your budget.

  • What type of aesthetic for your deck or landing works best with your home? The possibilities are endless when it comes to design & style elements of a deck or landing!


Building & installing a deck,  landing or wood walkway is a big project. But, with Endless Greens:

  • Our extensive background & experience ensures you receive a custom design for your style & budget.

  • Our ability to plan it all (and plant it all!) guarantees you an expert installation.

  • We work with local Evanston Architects when Architectural plans are needed for permits.

  • We handle the entire permit process. 

  • Our desire to create beautiful landscapes means you are assured an outdoor space that you will truly enjoy, endlessly.

Endlessly enjoyable outdoor spaces

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