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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of good landscaping, but is often overlooked.  Low Voltage landscape lighting creates whimsical visuals that highlight landscapes and a home's architecture with dramatic depth.    Landscape lighting adds value to a home helping with curb appeal as well as adds safety.  Endless Greens has installed many low voltage lighting systems in client's yards over the years. Let us be your outdoor lighting experts! 


Low voltage landscape lighting installed by Endless Greens will highlight the best elements of your home and landscape.  It also makes your home much more attractive if you are trying to sell it.

Not only do you want safe, well lit walkways for your family and friends but trips and falls are the number one claim for home insurance policies. Landscape lighting also deters trespassers and thieves.  Low voltage lighting is very safe and adds light without the issues or cost of high voltage lighting.


Professional installation equals professional results.  Cheap solar lights rarely last more that one year and do not deliver the light quality that professional lights do.  Endless Greens knows how to space the lights correctly, has relationships with quality outdoor lighting fixture companies, makes professional grade wire connections, and how to protect the wiring for the long term.

We have installed many brands of lighting fixtures over the years. Our favorite company that makes high quality fixtures at a great price point is AMP Lighting. We chose them because they offer a lifetime warrantee on each fixture. They also sell only Dark Sky Approved lighting that reduces light pollution and doesn't harm migrating birds. We are AMP Lighting Authorized Installers and we think you will love this company as much as us!


Types of Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Up Lighting, Down Lighting and Moon Lighting 
Up lighting brings the element of elegance and sophistication to your home by highlighting trees or walls.  Down lighting can be used to make dramatic effects with landscaping in and around your home.  Moon lighting is a term used for down lighting that is mounted up in a tree pointing down.

Accent Lighting
Accentuate trees, boulders, art elements, or unique features in your yard.  You can also use this type of lighting to make play areas accessible for your children past normal daylight hours.  We are careful with this placement so that it does not affect bird migration with too much light pollution (dark sky approved only).


Pathway lighting 

Add safety and beauty all at the same time!  Since we are in the Chicago area we like using taller lights so that the lights are effective even with snowfall.  Taller fixtures also give a better spread of light so you can use less fixtures.   

Lighting for Outdoor Kitchens, Patios, Decks and Ponds

Make your outdoor spaces usable day and night. Lighting these areas create a welcoming mood for your family and friends.

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