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3D Landscape Design & Installation 

Our favorite projects are the ones where we get to design and create an integrated yard or space that combines several elements into a cohesive design. At Endless Greens, we believe that combining the knowledge of sustainable design, landscaping, construction, water management, and architecture produces brilliant results.
Our 3D landscape designs can include the following types of landscape and hardscape design elements:


  • Low Voltage outdoor lighting

  • Landscape planting

  • Natural stone and paver patios

  • Walkways (natural stone, paver, wood)

  • Composite decks and landings

  • Woodwork such as: fences,  pergolas, trellises, raised beds and canopies

  • Yard drainage and rainwater management systems such as rain gardens, French drains, rainwater catchment, and drip irrigation.

  • Locally sourced materials, native plant species and pollinator friendly trees and shrubs

Are you just interested in a 3D Landscape Design and landscape planting? Our plantings start at $5,000 and include: 3D Landscape Design, full plant seasonal warrantee, soil testing and amendments, existing plant/shrub removal, mulch and edging, and a Drip Irrigation system customized to your plants needs.

Our Process: Design        Quote        Install        Endlessly Enjoy

  1. Initial Zoom meeting to discuss client's wish list and set budget expectations.  Images of the space to be designed should be e-mailed to before the Zoom meeting.  During the meeting an estimate for the design will be created and a contract will be e-mailed to the client for digital approval. 
  2.  Endless Greens will need a copy of the updated Plat Survey from the client in order to create the design.  Any inspirational images from the client(s) are always helpful to fine tune the design to the client(s) style.  As soon as the payment and a plat of survey is received Endless Greens will start working on the 3D design. The initial design typically takes two to three weeks to create.  
  3. After the initial design and cost estimate is put together a Zoom review meeting with the  client(s) will be scheduled.  Images of the design will be sent in advance of the meeting for client(s) to review. During the meeting all aspects of the design are discussed and any changes/additions that the client desires will be noted at this time. If no significant changes/additions are needed, the client(s) can approve the design and cost estimate.  Endless Greens requires a 50% down payment for the project to lock in a clients project in Endless Greens installation line up. If significant changes/additions are needed, a new cost estimate will be created and sent via email after the redesign is completed. The design can usually be updated during the review meeting unless significant changes/additions are needed.
  4. The final design images are sent to the client(s) via email in PDF or JPEG format.  If further changes are needed the client will be charged at the rate of 100.00hr.
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