Green Houses

For Vegetable Production

Built to Grow

Endless Greens will build and install hoop houses and green houses for all of your growing needs.  Hoop houses are the most affordable way to get the most out of the growing year.


Hoop houses can grow almost the full year in the Chicago area and are a fraction of the cost of green house. Made of tubular steel, our hoop houses are built to last a lifetime but can be easily taken down and moved if you do. They will hold up against very heavy winds, season after season.


Green houses can grow the full year in Chicago.   These are more expensive, however these are permanent structures that require architectural plans.  Greens houses usually include heating and ventilation systems. 


The best thing is, regardless of the outside weather, you can grow fresh and healthy produce all year. We have installed hoop houses and green houses in several cities in the area and are versed in local building codes to keep you in compliance.

green house.jpg