Built to Grow.

Raised garden beds are optimal for growing vegetables in a variety of environments and can be placed on many different types of surfaces, including:
  • Concrete
  • Parking Spaces
  • Rooftops
  • Balconies
  • Contaiminated Soil
Endless Greens raised garden beds are custom built from cedar or post consumer food grade plastic and are optimized for growing vegetables.  Whether you are a new grower or a seasoned farmer looking to expand your growing operation, we can help!  
Endless Green standard raised garden beds include:
  • Raised bed frame.
  • Organic Soil Mix.
  • Underground wire metal pest fencing.
Interested to learn more?  Schedule an inital consult with the Endless Greens team, which includes site analysis and bed placement.  A consultation fee of $100 per hour is applied towards final installation price.

Standard Raised Bed Pricing

Costs include sustainably harvested cedar frames (or post consumer food grade plastic), custom blended soil mix, and professional installation.  Additional design, prep work, and installations outside the service range may include additional fees. (Length X Width X Height)


  • Standard Bed (8'x4'x2') pricing starts at $900.00