Go Vertical.

Standard Living Wall Pricing.

Costs include units and professional installations.


  • 4 - Tower Wall Unit (38" x 38"): $900.00

  • 4 - Tower Extended Wall Unit (38" x 60"): $1100.00

  • 8 - Tower Wall Unit (72" x 38"): $1600.00

  • 8 - Tower Extended Wall Unit (72" x 60"): $1900.00

Growing produce vertically provides for very high density production using a very small amount of space. Endless Greens can design and install indoor and outdoor vertical growing systems for edible or ornamental purposes.
We design and install outdoor vertical systems that can be incorporated into existing landscaping or patio/deck areas.
For an indoor system, all that is needed is an empty wall.
Endless Greens vertical grow systems include design, build and installation.  
Interested to learn more?  Schedule an inital consult with the Endless Greens team, which includes site analysis, bed placement and recommended plantings.  A consultation fee of $100 per hour is applied towards final installation price.