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With more than 20 years’ experience, we know that each space needs the right measure of passion, process and patience to evolve into an accomplished design and quality build.  Offering design-build expertise for renovations to sophisticated eco-conscious/green building, our work together will be collaborative, organized, lively and open to discovery.

Architecture and Construction

A unified team collaborating on a single vision under a single contract is proven to save money, tighten the delivery schedule and heighten out-of-the-box creativity. Your project benefits immensely when our firm holds responsibility from design through performance.

Green Building

We work with homeowners to understand the best green choices that match their wants and budget.  We’ll help you understand green energy methods, green materials that are healthy for you, and how they all work together for the best benefits.

How we work: Endless Green's Process to Architecture and Construction

1.  Initial consultation:   Every project starts with an initial on-site consultation.   There are many things that we want to understand from each other before any project begins.  Where we try to answer as many frequently asked questions here on our website, we also want to get to know you and what you are trying to achieve with your next home improvement project.   Our initial consultation will cover the basics and will help define what it means to work with Endless Greens throughout the lifespan of the project.

2.  Architectural Plans & Permitting:   Chances are that your project will require architectural plans.   Plans are the building block that allows for an open, transparent and cost competitive construction.   We will prepare drawings with specific written instructions, provide cost competitive bids for the construction.   Endless Greens will take care of all the permitting throughout the process, from initial submission, inspections and final review.   If you already have architectural plans drawn that is great too!   We will start with our initial consultation and be able to provide you with an open and competitive bid for construction.  

3.  Construction:  One of our partners will lead the construction and regularly be on-site to guide and build.   We will establish a weekly stand-in meeting to discuss how things are going and what will happen next.   Beyond the stand-in meeting, we are always available throughout business hours to discuss the project.  Construction will begin when permits have been approved.   Endless Greens team has over 20 years of experience working on projects of various scales and scopes.  Our crews are experienced, friendly, and also very interesting people!   It's hard to ballpark how long a construction will take, this depends on the scope and scale of the project and it's always important to remember during this phase we are subject to the kindness of mother nature and the supply-chain of specific products selected for installation.

4.  Change of Orders:   There is always the possibility for change of orders, whether you are interested to have an aspect of the design changed or materials have become unavailable, we have a transparent process to deal with any changes necessary throughout the construction phase. 

5.  Final Walk-Through:  After everything is neat and clean, one of our partners will walk through the project with you to ensure that satisfaction remains high.   At this stage, we will sign and provide our guarantee and warranty, based on the scope and scale of the project, and plan to work with you in the future of your home improvement journey.  

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