The Real Black Gold.

Composting is the one of the greatest steps you can take to make a sustainable future.  Manage your organic waste on-site with Endless Greens custom Composters.  
Endless Greens Composters are custom built with the client in mind.   We understand compost from the inside and out, and we want to make sure we keep the critters out!
Built from cedar or post consumer food grade plastic and optimized for turning your kitchen and yard waste into real, pure, healthy soil.  Whether you are new to compost or a seasoned farmer looking to expand your operation, we can help!  
Our composters are built with the correct mesh size and strength to keep out small mice to large critters like raccoons. The high air flow design greatly reduces odors that attract them in the first place. 
Endless Green standard composters include:
  • Compost frame made from sustainably harvested cedar or post consumer food grade plastic.
  • Wire mesh (to keep the forest-critters out).
  • Ample drainage and air flow
  • Instructions on how to make the perfect compost.
Interested to learn more?  Schedule an inital consult with the Endless Greens team, which includes site analysis, bed placement, and recommended plantings.  

Standard Composter Pricing

Costs include cedar frames and professional installation (Length X Width X Height):


  • Small (2'x2'x3'):  $400.00

  • Large (3'x3'x3'):  $600.00